Modification History

Renamed Render to Blender Render

Added Cycles Render

Added new Object Constraints

Added new Modifiers

February 4  2012

January 16  2012

Object Mode - 2 additional strip widgets

Edit Mode - link to UV Mapping tutorial

Object Constraints - Follow Path

Modifiers - new menu option, with the first 6 modifiers

Suggestions - update re the “Mode:” label

Tutorials - link to UV Mapping tutorial

About - later versions, 2.58, 2.59, and 2.60

History - added this page

Object Mode > Select Menu > Select All by Type - added Speaker

Object Mode > Select Menu > Grouped - added Keying Set

Object Mode > Object Menu - removed Join as UVs (moved to Make Links...)

Decided to stop recording every little change made to the interface - as I see them I will add them into the appropriate page

January 19  2012